The Magic Curve

There’s one thing at the gym that gets us going unlike anything else – the Curve. The Curve is a manual treadmill that YOU power. To say it runs on sweat and determination is an understatement. What’s even better is the rubberized belt is shaped in a way that does not do serious harm to your knees and joints like conventional running. The rubber absorbs significantly more of the impact and the light incline aids to the transition between your foot and the treadmill.

How it works: Hope on it and start walking or running, as you increase your incline toward the front of the machine, the belt moves quicker. It is entirely up to you how fast you go. Because of this choice – it forces athletes to challenge themselves, to create their own power. In turn this results in quicker and better results – burning 30% more calories than an electric treadmill (About 200 calories in 10 minutes!!!!!).

At first it is a little weird and takes a few minutes to get comfortable and used to, but we promise you will love the burn and the sweat dripping off your body at the end of your workout.



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