Rolling Out – From The MELT Method

As the saying goes “no pain, no gain,” but that isn’t entirely true. There are certain techniques that help alleviate many types of pain, but our favorite is rolling out. The foam roller is our best friend; HOWEVER, if you aren’t using it properly, you are only doing more damage to your body.

According to The MELT Method, “connective tissue dehydration is the underlying cause of strain and pain in the body as well as the catalyst for your pre-pain symptoms.” With the following technique you can keep your body properly hydrated and healthy in just minutes!

Back of the Legs
Back Thigh Shear

  1. place roller under the top of your thighs
  2. maintain pressure on roller with legs extended straight and make 4-5 snowmen
  3. repeat with focus on one leg and other leg bent
  4. move roller halfway down thighs and repeat #2 & #3
  5. move roller to right about knees and repeat #2 & #3

Calf Glide and Shear

  1. place roller under middle of right calf and cross left ankle over right
  2. bend and straighten knees to move roller, repeat 3-4 times
  3. rotate calf outward, repeat rolling motion 3-4 times
  4. rotate calf inward, repeat rolling motion 3-4 times
  5. rotate calf to normal and make 3-4 circles each way
  6. repeat #2-5 on left calf
  7. repeat entire sequence on lower portion of each calf

xoxo K&A


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