HIIT Me with Sprints

Although we often dread a workout with sprints, there really is nothing better for your heart or body than high interval intensity training (HIIT). The benefits are pretty much infinite, but here are our favorite 5!

1. It can increases post-exercise fat oxidation by 75%.
2. It leads to more tone, greater strength, and less body fat.
3. It makes you better at accessing/burning body fat in other exercises.
4. It builds additional energy and energy sources for our body’s.
5. It’s more efficient – takes less time – and for us, that’s crucial for a week packed with rehearsals, classes, and more!

Our sprint workout:
-20 seconds all out sprint
-40 seconds rest
-repeat 12-16 times

We generally hit a soccer field and run across it and back during the time, but there are plenty of other options: a track, a beach, or even a treadmill!

Let us know what you think if HIIT is something new for you!


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