Fasted cardio

Eating a snack an hour before a workout can give the fuel you need. However, fasted cardio can help you shed unwanted fat. The idea behind fasted cardio is that you’ll get up first thing in the morning and before eating your usual breakfast meal, you’ll head straight for the gym and get in a good 30-60 minutes of cardio first.

For fasted cardio your body is likely to uses its own fat to store fuel instead of the food you most recently ate, and those stored fats may be accessed faster. Therefore, fasted cardio will help you to lose more fast in your cardio session. Fasted cardio works because it helps you to become more efficient at using fat for fuel and because your hormones and metabolism are all in the perfect alignment.

First thing in the morning, after you’ve been fasting all night, your body’s natural level are optimal for fat loss. After not eating for about 10 hours, your insulin levels are very low. When insulin levels are low, your body is better able to release and transport fatty acids. In the morning, your circulating blood sugar is also low. Some people might think this is a bad thing, and it can be if it ends up impairing your cardio performance. However, if it doesn’t, low blood sugar forces your body to begin using stored fats for energy because there is not enough glucose to sustain your workout.

Fasted cardio is not good for everyone though. If you’re someone who hates morning workouts, or do not think you can exercise on an empty stomach, then this method of fat loss is unlikely to be beneficial for  you. For those who want to accelerate fat loss, or who have had a hard time getting rid of the last bit of fat, fasted cardio might just be the best technique to achieve your desired results. We have done fasted cardio in the past and we can say from firsthand experience that we saw some amazing changes in our bodies!

xoxo K&A


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