Good Morning Greens

The best way to wake up is with a green smoothie! The purest form of nutrition, green smoothies are healthier than fruit or veggie juices because they are packed with fiber. There is no better way to boost your energy for the day than with a quick, easy, low cal, and filling drink. Get your veggies without realizing it, stay hydrated, and get that digestion system rolling.

Our favorite morning greenie:

1 cup of soy/almond milk
1 banana (if not frozen, throw a few ice cubes in)
1 cup of spinach or kale
1/2-1 scoop of vanilla protein (depending on the amount and what’s in the fridge, sometimes we will substitute the soy/almond milk for water)

IMG_6358Mix it up with the following additions:

Chia Seeds

Blend up and enjoy!

xoxo K&A


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