Since 2012, we have consistently worked together to establish a healthy lifestyle transparent in our physical appearances. As a result, family members, friends, and peers have asked for tips and tricks to success in the gym and at the grocery store. To more efficiently share with you all our “secrets,” we have decided to launch a blog centered around our lives as cross training athletes. We look forward to sharing with you all our favorite recipes, workout routines, and anything and everything else health and fitness related we can think of.

As dancers and members of the Elon Dance Company, health and fitness have become fields in which we are increasingly passionate. Although our schedules are always quite packed, we prioritize our health, knowing how it continues to reward us infinitely. We want to help you make this lifestyle a priority as well, so we promise you posts as often as we can to reference, encourage, and motivate you. Better your body, better yourself.

xoxo K&A


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