Just because you are a wanderlust doesn’t mean you have to give up your bod! Working out while traveling or studying abroad can be challenging, but we have found that there are great alternatives to conventional routines or gym memberships.

Running definitely starts off the list. There is no greater way to explore a city than to cover a few extra miles on foot each day. You will find nooks and crannies that may be hidden from the tourists’ eyes. The best advice is to wake up early and head out before crowds start to appear.

If you don’t like running but still want to get your sweat on, Nike Training Club is a great alternative. NTC is an app withs tons of workouts that are catered to body weight training. Although sometimes the workouts recommend additional hand weights or medicine balls, the vast majority can be done without any equipment in a small space – even a hotel room. Additionally, the app categorizes the workouts: get lean, get strong, get toned, and get focused and offers 4 week programs of the aforementioned categories as well.

If you are a yogi or yogini that wants to practice but aren’t comfortable leading yourself, then checkout doyogawithme.com. There are tons of great videos that can be purchased and downloaded for a few dollars. Another great option if you want to do a flow in a hotel room! Personal favorite – Fiji McAlpine’s Power and Precision.

These are just a few of our favorite alternatives. Although it can be challenging, we promise you will feel better if you don’t skip workouts while traveling or abroad. Even if it’s just 20 minutes here and there, your body will thank you when you return home!

Happy travels and exploring!
xoxo K&A


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